Vegan Banana Love Muffins

Changing the world one muffin at a time.

Products and Pricing

Moist, delicious Banana Love Muffins are always dairy-free and egg-free, with no added fat or cholesterol, no refined sugar, and made with 100% whole wheat flour. All natural, we start with fresh bananas and other wholesome ingredients. Whether it's the original 'just banana,' or with add-ins like like dark chocolate chips, blueberries, or walnuts, you'll love Banana Love Muffins because they're really, really good. 

Order below or online through:

Washington's Green Grocer

Hometown Harvest

Relay Foods

Or drive there:

Mrs. Green's in Fairfax, VA

Rodman's in DC

Dawson's in Rockville, MD

Please contact us with any questions.

3 Dozen Shipped 2/3 day


3 Dozen Shipped Overnight


One dozen minis - Original Just Banana


One dozen minis - Banana Blueberry


One dozen minis - Banana Chocolate chip


One dozen minis - Banana Walnut


Two dozen minis - Original Just Banana


Two dozen minis - Banana Blueberry


Two dozen minis - Banana Chocolate chip


Two dozen minis - Banana Walnut


Three dozen minis - Original Just Banana


Three dozen minis - Banana Blueberry


Three dozen minis - Banana Chocolate chip


Three dozen minis - Banana Walnut


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Pricing listed is for mini muffins. Pricing for regular size muffins and wholesale pricing upon request.

Sweetened with dehydrated cane juice or date sweetened upon request, but never any refined sugar. Never any added oil or fat.*

Au natural or with dairy-free dark chocolate chips, blueberries, walnuts, pecans, or other fruits and nuts.
Or, tell us what you are craving, and we will try to muffin it for you.

* Basic Banana Love Muffin recipe contains no added fat. Add-ins like chocolate chips and nuts do add some fat...but it tastes so good!
Caring for your Banana Love Muffins:

Enjoy Banana Love Muffins within 3 to 4 days (up to a week in the fridge.). If you haven't finished them or would like to stock up, Banana Love Muffins freeze really well. Because they are so moist, condensation may occur. To defrost a full container, leave open on the counter. If you would like a nice warm muffin right away, defrost in the microwave* on 50% power for approximately 30 seconds to 1 minute per mini muffin.

*Warning: Chocolate and other add-ins can get very hot, so be careful!